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10 Reasons to Start Eating Kale

Doesn’t it seem like we continually hear about the amazing benefits of kale? Have you ever really looked into what the benefis actually are? The following are 10 health benefits of kale – it honestly is a SUPER super food!


School Lunch Ideas

Want to make your kids lunches but think it’s too much work? Here’s how to make preparing lunches easier:


The 7 Amazing Benefits of Cucumbers

I’ve always loved cucumbers but I honestly never really thought they contained many nutritional benefits. My 10 year old son loves them and eats them almost every day so I was super happy to learn about the following fantastic benefits of cucumbers:


My Idea of a Flu Shot!

Fall is here and we are all getting inundated with pleas from health care professionals to get the flu shot.


Why You Should Eat an Avocado Today

The avocado is one of the world’s most perfect foods. It is easily digested and contains over 25 essential nutrients including iron, copper, magnesium, and essential fatty acids that help the body to function optimally.

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